• Dry Cleaning

    America’s most chosen chemical Children friendly shampoo Ultimate care for the material Conditional washing

  • Starching

    The Laundry Hub processes your fabric with hygienic starching to make it stiff and elegant.

  • Curtain / Drapery Cleaning

    Each service only utilizes the best in class handling techniques to ensure premium quality with a personalized touch.

  • Wash & Dry

    The Laundry Hub uses Imported Machines and Eco Friendly detergents to take care of your fabric.

Lastest Projects

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About Us

Royal Quality Laundry to serve the ever-growing retail and corporate laundry and dry cleaning demand in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Group began its operation with a single retail laundry shop located in International City.

Contact Information

Shop # 2&4, Ground Floor, Building # R9, Al Aweer Road (E 44 Road), International City, Dubai

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