Commercial Laundry Service

Are you a commercial business that needs a laundry service and good prices for the laundry service? Maybe you’re doing the laundry in house and finding out it can be costly and not as efficient. Royal Quality Laundry has the solution for your commercial laundry services needs that can scale to any business needs that you may have. Our professional laundry services have been used by a variety of businesses including drug rehabs, salons, spas, gyms, hotels, motels, vacation rentals, restaurants camps, assisted living homes and more. We’re great at working with the hospitality industries and understand the best ways to custom clean your bulk commercial laundry. Our talented Royal Quality Laundry team can help organize and create systems that work best for your specific business to improve on productivity. You can trust that we would bring your laundry back as clean as possible with excellent spot removing techniques. You can expect clean crisp linens, the freshest beds, fluffiest pillows, soft clean towels, basic laundry items and more. We have access to some of the best industry washers and dryers and we offer most commercial businesses free pick up and delivery as much as you need! If you’re looking for an expert leading commercial laundry service company, look no further and contact us today. This is what we love to do and we do it just the way you like it!

Pick-Up & Delivery Service For Office & Home

We offer a discounted rate for corporate offices and other commercial businesses. Anything from hotels, motels, vacation rentals, rehabilitation homes, spas, salons, special event planners, gyms, restaurants and more. Corporate services available to increase your busy business’s productivity and reduce stress. Everyone knows laundry can take all day. Why not let us be a part of the solution. While you are tackling other tasks, we can simultaneously focus on all your laundry needs so that you don’t have to.

Hotels / Motels / Vacation Rentals

We offer hotels, motels and vacation rentals the convenience of all of Royal Quality Laundry’s services. Why just stop at clean laundry? We can help organize custom systems to help improve your business’s productivity. You can trust that we would bring back your laundry as clean as possible with excellent spot removing techniques. Our skilled team have been able to carefully replenish all laundry. So no more difficult stains marking up your sheets today!

Rehabilitation Homes

Like hotel businesses, we can help improve productivity by creating a systematic schedule that works best for you. We offer all commercial laundry as well as client laundry. We understand the importance of organization, quality and a speedy turnaround. We deliver all clean laundry in 24 hours, we can even provide same day service if all is permitted. Call us today so we can be a part of your hospitality operations and relieve you of a major aspect of your business.

Spas / Gyms

Everyone knows that spa and gym laundry can be a nuisance when there are so many other tasks to get done. No matter how often you need, we can be there to make sure you get your laundry back smelling super fresh and feeling so soft. We can even fold it exactly how you need it, just to make things even easier. We also know how laundry can wear and tear, we have learned how to prolong laundry as long as possible. It’s just laundry science 😉

Bulk Laundry / Special Events / Camps

You got lots of laundry with short time? Not to worry, we got you covered. No amount of laundry can scare us away. We have lots of experience with bulk laundry and getting it back to you in a jiff. Depending on how much, even same day can be done. Why not use the best laundry service with a team that understands the importance of quality and special care for all fabric types.

Infectious Outbreaks

Such unfortunate events can happen to any business. This is the time to act fast as soon as you know there has been an infectious outbreak like scabies, staph infections or even lice! No need to worry further in terms of the laundry. We are trained, skilled and prepared to help with any case of infectious outbreaks. We understand the importance of infection control, stopping it dead in its tracks. Even more care than you can imagine is put into these special orders from the moment we pick up all the way to our speedy delivery. Need it sooner than 24 hours? Depending on when we receive the order, this can be accommodated as well.

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