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Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Can Cut Costs, Increase Profits and Increase Laundry Quality Through Royal Quality Laundry

Royal Quality Laundry is the ultimate full service laundry solution for drug & alcohol rehabs in the Los Angeles area. We have more experience than most laundry companies when it comes specifically to handling drug & alcohol rehab laundry. We have years of experience which stems from working with some of the best known drug rehab names in Malibu and surrounding areas.

We understand your systems, we work efficiently with your housekeeping and executive teams. We customize our solutions to your drug & alcohol rehab. We can get laundry picked up and delivered as fast as a day. We also drastically improve the laundry service quality. Your staff and clients will experience a royal quality laundry service which ultimately saves costs so you can focus on earning a better ROI for your drug & alcohol rehab. Read more below to learn tips, advice and what we can do to help improve your drug & alcohol rehab laundry services for both the rehab and your client laundry.

Cut Drug & Alcohol Rehab Utility and Maintenance Cost:

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Utility Cost: Some don’t realize that this part of your cost can be dropped drastically. The drug & alcohol rehabs that we work with ALL had the same set up. Using their own machines on site, some on multiple sites with several machines. Every single drug & alcohol rehab that we work with also had the issue of rising utility costs. The water/ electricity bill can be huge if you’re constantly running your machines, most likely day through night to avoid the workload piling up yet still find themselves behind.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Septic tanks: Some even have the cost of maintaining finicky septic tanks! Though they are helpful to the environment, the lack of bleach use in the high volume drug & alcohol rehabs need, can severely damage them thus creating a high budget to fix them if not a replacement. If not maintained properly, this can lead to many more visits from your local plumbers. Working with our Malibu drug & alcohol rehabs, we see how often they need to maintain them and this is without any heavy laundry machine use. We can’t imagine what it was like before we came in.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Laundry Machine Cost: Many non-commercial machines are not equipped to run with such high volume and full use, therefore causing them to break down quicker, raising even more cost and slowing down production. Another thing to think about is a machine can only work so fast and so long, they are limited in how many times they can be run in one day. Side note, one of our rehab clients has made the decision to completely remove the machines altogether. They have expressed their relief and found no reason to have them; taking up space and energy if they already have an incredibly better option. 

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Inventory and Supplies: Compiling a stocked inventory sounds easy, unless you don’t have a proper or even sufficient space to store them. Large bulky supplies can be a real burden. We know how much goes into the laundry process and we have seen that lack of space can definitely be a challenge for many. You don’t realize how much work it can take to order, reorder, put it away, etc. Boxes constantly arriving, we have seen that it can take a large portion of the day to handle that. Why not replace the boxes of laundry supply with clean, folded laundry? We understand that the housekeepers play a huge role in the process. By using our company, it would be less on them physically and reduce potential work injury. We know all of our drug & alcohol rehab’s housekeepers are a big fan of our service. We have an array of soaps, additives and spot cleaners to choose from as part of our process.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Employee Costs in the Front End and Back End:

Time: It takes multiple employees to be part of a grand process, even laundry services. Our services have an experienced and trained staff to tackle any laundry, providing dependable quality and in a speedy fashion. Aiding to these types of businesses looking high end with a fraction of the cost. We know that every rehab that we work with has a limited quantity of machines to work with. The Royal Quality Laundry team is equipped with about 200 machines in all sizes, utilizing them simultaneously for our clients, making bulk laundry done with such efficiency and quality while lowering your own employee cost. We know so much goes into paying your employees (i.e. wages, taxes, worker’s comp, training, resolving mistakes and errors) resulting in an expensive overall internal cost. Trusting our highly organized and dependable team is the way to go! We’re already highly trained and motivated to focus on pure laundry and your company’s needs.   

Accuracy and Quality: We aid in maintaining many types of house laundry with a variety of spot removers that our team has learned to use along with the proper technique. There are many types of laundry that require its own kind of wash, dry, type of soap. Over time, if done correctly, you will see that you won’t have to replace laundry as much. We’re so happy to know our current drug & alcohol rehab clients trust our laundry service and saw how much stress was relieved by letting our professional team handle it. We understand it can be scary to change an already established system. The trust of all of our clients is extremely important for us. We always use our best knowledge and capabilities to handle all laundry. We remember with one of our first drug & alcohol rehab clients. We started with the house laundry service with a third of their capacity (as a test we’re guessing). After such great results, they quickly realized that we were perfect for handling the rest of their house laundry. With such success, the drug & alcohol rehab staff realized we can also handle their client’s personal laundry as well. We have learned that each drug & alcohol rehab has a custom system as to how and when they’ll need service. We feel that we could help with communicating directly with their staff to configure what would work best. Once the custom tailored schedule and agreed terms are established, like clockwork. They have an improved system allowing them to focus on their other equally important tasks.

Gain More Organization: We couldn’t imagine how our current drug & alcohol rehab client’s juggled so many of their client’s personal laundry along with their house laundry. We know that we help our drug & alcohol clients so much by delivering their client’s laundry back in as little as 24 hours and have all the house laundry ready to go for your housekeeping team as well.   

Gain Security with Infected Laundry Especially During the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic: Such unprecedented times we have had during the last year or so with the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. It can happen at any type of business so drug & alcohol rehab homes must be one of the most careful. Sending out that type of laundry can aid in efficiency and safety for your business. Our team is educated and experienced in safe laundry infection control. Our company taking over in these such events creates a safer environment for your staff and your clients. 

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