How it works

Custom Quality Laundry Service

We are a full quality laundry service from pick-up to the delivery. Providing classic fluff & fold along with optional assistance in creating a systematic process for commercial businesses. We have lots of experience figuring out how each business can use our professional laundry service. We know exactly how to handle all your dirty laundry, from removing difficult stains to helping your laundry last as long as possible. All the things you need in terms of laundry, after all, we are the experts and we’re here to help!


Scheduling is made very simple. We are available 7 days a week for your convenience. We would need at least 24 hours in advance before you call or text (424) 322-0315 or you can use our website as well. Once we have agreed on a time and place, we would take your precious laundry and the rest is taken care of by us.


Now that the hard part is done, we will then take your laundry to be professionally processed. All details would be discussed during the scheduling process. Now all you have to do is figure out is what to do with your precious free time. We do have a 20 lb minimum. That’s usually equivalent to a week’s worth of laundry, including bed sheets.


This is when our customers smile the most. At your convenient time, we can deliver your professionally cleaned laundry right where you need it. All laundry is cleaned and neatly packaged so all you have to do is plug them in their spot, ready for use immediately. We also provide same day service as well if possible. There is no amount of laundry that can scare us away. They say that laundry is a never ending story. Here at Royal Quality Laundry, that’s a  story we are never tired about.

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