Top 10 Laundry Services in Los Angeles

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In the busy city of Los Angeles, there is a high demand for high-quality full laundry services. There are many options for laundry services needs, however, only a few of them have received glowing reviews.

We explore the top 10 rated laundry services in Los Angeles in order to help make finding the perfect place for your laundry ten times easier! 

Check out the 10 Best Laundry Services Found In Los Angeles:

Royal Quality Laundry Logo

Located in the beautiful Southern California, Royal Quality Laundry has come in first place for providing high quality fluff and fold laundry services to locals with affordable, easy pick-up, and delivery services.

The founder and “Queen of Clean,” Natalie Camacho says her mission is to provide a service for many people on the go or businesses in desperate need of change to help better their efficiency with their staff.

She has carefully trained her amazing staff to follow her steps in taking care of the laundry and also connecting with our customers with the friendliest and helpful attitude. Quality was the primary focus when starting Royal Quality Laundry and will be continued for our customers to enjoy. Every customer can have custom professional laundry done so that you can focus on other tasks. Freeing up time is crucial to a happy life and a healthy ran business.

Royal Quality Laundry is a service that many can benefit from by leaving this aspect to the professionals! Learn more about their laundry services in LA and call today for any questions and to plan your first pick up/delivery today! (424) 322-0315

Laundryheap- Los Angeles

Founded in 2014 in London, Laundryheap is the next generation laundry & dry cleaning company. They offer professional laundry and dry cleaning delivered to your doorstep in as quick as 24 hours. Laundryheap delivers the quickest, easiest to use, and most reliable professional laundry and dry cleaning service that completely adjusts to your needs.

Laundry is collected, cleaned, and delivered to your doorstep. When and where you need them, they will be there, 98.7% of all standard laundry and dry cleaning is delivered the next day. Since their beginnings in London, they have expanded globally to 11 countries.

Services are available in the following countries: Netherlands, Ireland, UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Qatar, Sweden, United States, and Denmark.

HappyNest – Los Angeles 

HappyNest is a wash and fold laundry service that takes all of the stress out of doing the laundry while still giving you complete control over the laundry cycle. Their dedicated team will pick up your clothes from your house, wash and fold them exactly the way that you want, and make sure that they’re brought back to you the very next day.

All the while, you’ll be out exploring all of the fun, quirky culture that makes Los Angeles an incredible city. They are eco friendly: offering name-brand detergents as well as natural and perfume-free options.

They are convenient: On laundry day, just leave your laundry outside your door. It will be picked up and returned to you washed and folded the next day. They are flexible: Do you want your laundry picked up on the same day every week? No problem. Just let them know your preference! 

The Wash Wizards – Los Angeles & Ventura County 

As reviews would reflect, The Wash Wizards only supply high standards they have set to provide a quality product in the most convenient manner for their clients. Their goal is to give their community back a little of their hard-earned free time by taking one of the most dreaded chores off their hands; laundry day.

They have made it their mission to make life a little easier with our pickup and delivery wash and fold service. They understand the stress of the daily grind and want to assist you in making it just a little less of a struggle.

Through this service they will come to any specified location to pick up your dirty laundry. They will take them to our facilities; wash, dry, and neatly fold them or hang them at your request.

Within 24 hours you will find all of your wonderfully fresh laundry back at your home. Their drivers are provided with GPS tracking, which means when your items are finished and the driver is leaving with them, you will be notified and have the ability to track their progress to your front door.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to see and hear their customers’ happiness and relief when you receive your neatly wrapped packages of clean clothes. Simplicity and reliability are sometimes so difficult to find in the chaos of day to day living which is why they strive so hard to provide it for you.


At WashClub LA, they pride themselves on having a good understanding of life’s challenges. Seriously. The current owners bought the current laundry location in the heart of Los Angeles in late 2014, only to have a serious fire almost destroy the entire building shortly thereafter.

The best-laid plans…Well, that didn’t stop them. They vowed to rebuild and create a modern laundromat with a great variety of the most current washers and dryers.

They even expanded during the rebuild to have an entire fully staffed area dedicated to just handling our WashClub LA clientele in the most timely, clean space with individual locking cabinets for the safekeeping of all your clothes in between pick up and returned delivery times.

Like yourselves, they are very busy people and we love their clothes, so they created an ONLINE and MOBILE APP laundromat that is modern, efficient and effective. With WashClub LA, getting your laundry done is as simple and quick as tapping your phone.

Pickup and delivery of laundry are offered seven days a week. Pickup and delivery are between 5 PM through 10 PM daily and turnaround time is only a day for laundry. It’s faster than asking your honey to do it for you and there’s no argument.

They take great pride in the services we provide and know that we will not just meet your needs, but surpass them. Contact today to schedule! (323) 829-1288

Laundry Lounge LA

Say goodbye to laundry day woes with Laundry Lounge LA’ Wash & Fold Laundry Drop Off Service in Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience, they are the go-to choice for a stress-free laundry experience.

Only top-of-the-line products are used, including premium Tide brand laundry detergent for an additional fee, and also offer organic, Free & Clear options. They understand that everyone has unique laundry needs, so they’re happy to accommodate any special requests.

They pride themselves on being the premier Wash & Fold service in Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Monica. If you’re too busy to drop off your laundry, they also offer convenient Residential Pick-up and Delivery laundry options in Los Angeles & surrounding areas.

Trust the experts at Laundry Lounge LA to handle your laundry to save yourself a ton of time and give yourself one less thing to worry about. 

ORANGEBAG- Los Angeles 

Laundry Services In Los Angeles, like OrangeBag, pick up, clean, and deliver washed and cleaned clothes to customer’s doorstep. It includes washing, drying, folding, and ironing of clothes.

Laundry Service is very popular nowadays because people don’t have time to wash their clothes by themselves so they found a laundry service near them.

Professional Delivery Laundry Services in Los Angeles like OrangeBag are the experts in the industry and are making laundry easy for 1000’s of their customers. They pick up your clothes, wash your clothes, remove all the stains, beautifully fold your clothes then conveniently deliver your ‘Orange Bag’ back safely to your home. Laundry has never been so easy! 

Bolt Laundry- Los Angeles 

Enjoy wash and fold laundry service in Los Angeles from Bolt Laundry. They are one of the only good quality wash and fold laundry services in Los Angeles.

They are offering free pickup and delivery for each and every one of their customers. Their professional service will give you peace of mind knowing your laundry is in good hands so you can spend time taking care of more important things. 

Rinse- Los Angeles 

With Fluff & Fold, Dry Cleaning, and Hang Dry service, Rinse is ready to pickup, professionally clean, and deliver your clothes to your door – any day of the week. For your everyday laundry needs.

Clothes are returned washed and neatly folded, including paired socks! They check your pockets, separate your lights and darks, follow your pre-selected cleaning preferences, and never wash your items with anyone else’s.

Dry cleaning is available for anything you want cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger. They can even email you a photo of each item in their care, treat stains, clean the clothes, and press them by hand. 

Sudshare- Los Angeles 

You hate laundry, but their launderers love it. They’re obsessed with laundry, care for every detail, and deliver nothing but perfection—clean, fresh, and folded to a T. In fact, they ask afterwards “Was it perfect?” Customer ratings mean that only the best launderers stay in the network.

At only one dollar a pound, pickup and delivery is free. You might have seen them on the news (CBS, NBC, FOX business, ABC, and more.)

Be Sure To Visit the Best Laundry Services in LA!

Looking through all options in Los Angeles with endless reviews, Royal Quality Laundry comes in first with an overall five star experience. They are known for having the best attitude, crisp laundry, quick services, and reliable experiences.

Contacting them is easy and their website has everything you need. Take a look here, like what you see? Look to Royal Quality Laundry for all your Airbnb, rental, hotel, and horse blanket needs!

Need more information or unsure? Call any time and have a conversation with a real person! They treat every single customer with care and want you to be more than satisfied with your service. 

We hope you take advantage of these amazing services near you. Laundry care is very important and we hope you enjoyed the advice from this article highlighting the top 10 services near you. Thank you for reading and enjoy your newly acquired free time after hiring one of these services!