Royal Quality Laundry Commercial Laundry – Services for Drug Rehab Centers in Los Angeles

Why Do You Need Drug Rehab Commercial Laundry? 

Completion of bulk amounts of laundry daily is an important task that makes your drug rehab center unique and at its best.

We recognize this is not an easy task, maybe your drug rehab center has housekeeping employees that wash the laundry by hand or machinery in order to keep laundry clean. However, over time this method can prove to be more costly, tiring for workers, and less effective.

Royal Quality Laundry provides a solution to these problems as we have years of experience working with hospitality industries and have perfected the art of custom cleaning bulk commercial laundry. Our talented Royal Quality Laundry employees have worked with some of the best known drug rehab names in Malibu and surrounding areas of Los Angeles.

By working closely with housekeeping and executive teams, customized solutions such as one day delivery and pick up for each center can be organized to ensure the best commercial laundry services for your Los Angeles drug rehab center.

Your Los Angeles drug rehab commercial laundry services with Royal Quality Laundry can keep the care at your facility safe, intimate, and ensure success for individuals.

Read more below to learn every aspect of our Royal Quality Laundry treatment and what your center and clients will receive. 

  • Lowers utilities and maintenance costs    
  • Saves your center and employees time 
  • Increased quality and accuracy 
  • Keeps your employees safe  

1. Lowers Utility & Maintenance Costs 

If you’re looking for drug rehab commercial laundry, you know that with a lot of machinery and high amounts of washing, laundry machine utilities can bring expensive bills. With our services, these rates can drop drastically almost immediately!

All of the alcohol and drug rehab centers in Los Angeles we have worked are consistent with their set up which includes many machines on site running all day. This contributes to electric, gas, and labor bills always climbing.

We understand that laundry can easily build up if not worked on everyday, this is why Royal Quality Laundry can ensure daily needs of pick up and delivery on your schedule.  

Non-commercial machines are usually not designed to run all day and night and provide high quality per load. In this way, they are more prone to breakdown and bring more purchases of machines and slow down production more often. With this in mind, many clients have decided to get rid of all machines in order to increase space, cleanliness, and areas for employees or residents to use in other ways. 

Inventory and supplies are expected to be fully stocked at all times to ensure adequate quantities of items. However, this is a difficult request to fulfill when staff constantly need laundry supplies and run out so often due to many loads being done in a day.

The cost of these supplies being ordered, shipped, picked up/dropped off, etc can add up. Especially if receiving these orders everyday, even boxes take time unload.

More employees will be needed to unpack these daily as well. More employees means more labor costs, not to mention the safety concerns for these housekeepers. This can all be replaced with clean folded laundry by a simple switch for your Los Angeles Drug Rehab’s commercial laundry needs.

2. Saving Employees Time 

In order to complete these daily rounds of laundry, many employees are needed to have this process succeed.

The employees of Royal Quality Laundry are trained to accurately handle all types of laundry with custom detergent and softeners according to specific clothing needs. This is all taught in a speedy and efficient manner in order to have orders done by the time they need to be delivered.

Our facility contains about 200 machines of all sizes, made to complete bulk amounts of laundry with efficiency and quality that lower your employee costs as well. Housekeeping tasks are not easy and are usually a long list that all require time sensitivity. These services can save you and your housekeeping staff loads of time so they can have more time to complete their other tasks (and save you those labor costs!)

3. Increased Quality and Accuracy

As said repeatedly, conditions of laundry are expressed between Royal Laundry and the client to ensure the correct measures are taken to complete this laundry with high quality.

Our teams are trained to use correct spot removers with techniques that ensure the types of washes and soaps are used with proper cloth. With time, you can see and feel the difference of the laundry as they will wear and tear less easily due to these techniques.

Our clients have nothing but glowing reviews on how we handle their laundry and we are so grateful they gave us a chance to gain their trust. It is hard to change an already well-known system in the workplace and even harder to get used to, but once we are given a try we promise nothing but the best results.

Test runs with us are what made Royal Quality Laundry into what it is today. We keep our clients happy with our highest quality of knowledge and capabilities to complete their loads. 

We understand that most clients were completing their resident’s personal laundry along with their own house laundry. This takes up so much of their time and makes it hard to get anything else done!

After experiencing the higher quality laundry that we provided, most of our clients also hire us for their own laundry. This lifted our clients of all of their laundry responsibilities and increased their satisfaction with other daily tasks. This helps to keep their work accurate and of good quality as they have more time to work on more while we provide their high quality clean laundry. 

4. Keeping Employee’s Safe   

Most importantly, the staff at your Los Angeles rehab center is what keeps it functioning and it is everyone’s top priority to help keep all employee’s safe.

With constant inventory and supplies coming in, with the use of machines, the unloading and unpacking of these items can result in injury. These tasks require daily unloading of items by employees, however, usually their bodies are not used to this kind of heavy lifting and coupled with exhaustion can bring unwanted injuries.

With commercial laundry services, unloading of trucks and unpacking can be heavily reduced if not completely taken away. 

In addition to the physical needs of the position, sickness prevention is an important aspect to watch in order to maintain all of your employees’ health.

As the flu season is upon us, illness can be easily spread when dealing with used clothing. These clothes can carry all sorts of bacteria and disease that can cause your team to become sick and affect the entire facility.

The switch to commercial laundry can give security to your staff and the facility from contaminating many employees. Our team is adequately experienced for disinfection and has expertise in safe disease control. Our company can take over and provide you a safer environment for your staff and your clients. 

We hope you can consider Royal Quality Laundry as your Los Angeles Drug Rehab’s commercial laundry service and have a better idea of our unique service style.

We are always available to speak via phone and provide a custom consultation to improve your Los Angeles Drug Rehab commercial laundry for your clients or home by providing our best services. 

Our professional laundry staff will send custom proposals with all details needed such as pricing on laundry and deliveries. Call or text us today to get started at (424) 322-0315 or Contact Us Online at this form.