Royal Quality Laundry Los Angeles Service Pick Up and Delivery

Tired Of Doing Laundry? 

We all know that living in Los Angeles brings sunshine and beautiful beaches, however, most of the time it also brings more responsibilities and busy schedules.

Whether you moved to beautiful Southern California Los Angeles for the views or to find the perfect career for you… we understand daily tasks, such as cleaning and laundry get difficult to keep up with and it can get overwhelming.

We know this because our entire staff includes Los Angeles residents and the reason Natalie Camacho started this business is because she understands how important laundry can be when you have daily businesses to run or meetings to attend.

This is why it is important to us that we treat our royal guests with the utmost care and consideration for their busy schedules.

We personally do all of our Los Angeles laundry pick up and delivery services with the most respect in terms of scheduling, sanitation, speed, special attention, affordability, and efficient pick up/delivery services throughout Los Angeles.

We make it easy to schedule your pickup and delivery services and get started with simple steps on our website.

Read on to hear about our services and how you can sign up today! 

  • About Our Pick up and Delivery Services  
  • How To Get Started 


Royal Quality Laundry provides a solution to your scheduling problems by completely taking a task off of it! Whether you need laundry services in Los Angeles with pick up and delivery for your business that requires bulk amounts of laundry or you have personal laundry that you don’t have time to do, Royal Quality Laundry’s team of professionals is here to help.

We are a full service Los Angeles laundry service with years of experience working with multiple business industries and have perfected the art of custom cleaning bulk commercial laundry.

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Our talented cleaning professionals are time efficient and have worked with some of the best known rehab centers, hotels/motels, rental locations, and more businesses in Los Angeles that still utilize our laundry services today.

By working closely with housekeeping and executive teams, customized solutions such as one day delivery and pick up for each center can be organized to ensure the best commercial laundry services for your business or personal laundry.   


We suggest reading through our blogs on our website that include specific details about our Los Angeles Laundry service pick up and delivery before getting started to ensure you can get some details on our services and how they work. However, it is not required to sign up as we can explain over the phone what we do and how to get started.

We also have a “contact us” tab which is where you can put your information in so we can personally contact you so we can set up your services and get some dates and times to start with pick up services to your Los Angeles location.

It is very important to us that you feel comfortable enough to trust us with your laundry which is why we don’t have any contracts after your first service has been completed and we can communicate weekly for pick up and delivery date/time options! 

We appreciate your business with us and can’t wait for you to experience our Royal Quality Laundry services that have our clients feeling like royalty! Call today! (424) 322-0315