Los Angeles AirBNB Laundry Service

Laundry Services for your Los Angeles AirBNB 

Royal Quality Laundry is the perfect choice for your Los Angeles based AirBNB laundry service needs with pick up and delivery service that are adequately scheduled according to your guest’s arrival. As Los Angeles is a city with almost 4 million residents, it has always been a popular socal destination. This is why we understand that your Los Angeles based vacation rental or AirBNB location can begin to pile up on laundry with constant guests coming in and out. This is why Royal Quality Laundry’s commercial services has you covered! With our home office being in Malibu, Los Angeles county has a special place in our hearts which is why we aim to cater to our community, serving many cities around Los Angeles. Our services can provide your guests with the fluff of comfort that our team strives to give to your guests and help with your busy schedule.

Royal Quality Laundry Treatment Provided For Your AirBNB Vacation Rental 

  • Quick & simple process for requesting services and pricing, included here
  • Provides your LA vacationers with the comfort of knowing their laundry has been cleaned with the expertise of a trained laundry team
  • Pick-up and delivery services according to your rental location 
  • Entire service scheduled according to you and your guest list schedule 
  • Expertise in disease control and prevention with certified disinfection training skills which avoids spread and exposure to your staff and guests
  • Abilities to handle all types of laundry from sheets, pillows, and couch cushion covers– there’s no laundry we can’t find the perfect mix for
  • Communication is important for us to complete your services and work with your staff, language barriers can be avoided as well with our bilingual team that is fluent in english & spanish!
  • We take pride in our organization skills and planning that helps you to avoid issues and allows more focus on your business without distraction

Therefore, we hope you can see the genuine and personalized care that Royal Quality Laundry services has for our clients that directly correlates to providing an excellent solution for your AirBNB & vacation property rental business. We look forward to working with your distinguished AirBNB & vacation property rental business that has been crafted and chosen by you. We understand how these locations can feel like a second home for you and we strive to continue improving our services through working with you, all while keeping a big smile and taking suggestions as we want to give you the very best experience with us.

Our services stretch anywhere in the Los Angeles area and serve most of the Los Angeles county area including the following cities: Los Angeles, Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood, Venice, Silverlake, Burbank, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Culver City, Pacific Palisades, Topanga, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Encino, Reseda, Canoga Park, Northridge, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Malibu and more. Contacting us is easy and just a call away at (424) 322-0315. We are positive that our services will not disappoint and can be the perfect service for your business to continue thriving.

Now we know that pricing is one of the most important financial aspects to any service which is why we keep our rates affordable as we know our services won’t disappoint. We appreciate our clients that give honest reviews to neighboring businesses and online that make all the difference to our services. We encourage customer feedback and appreciate our loyal customers who tell their friends about our Royal service!

You can learn more by requesting our AirBNB & vacation property rental laundry service pricing online by clicking here.


Royal Quality Laundry service was founded by Natalie Camacho who grew up obsessed with cleaning all her life. She eventually grew up to become the “QUEEN OF CLEAN” and launched Royal Quality Service in the Los Angeles area. She has done upwards of 50,000lbs of laundry in a month for large drug rehab clients in Malibu and has expanded from there to help AirBNB & vacation property rental companies across Los Angeles. Working with Natalie gives you the personal touch from the Queen of Clean for your AirBNB & vacation property rental business. This will add great value and efficiency to your business while interacting with a person who always smiles and loves what she does. We are not corporate or boring, we are people just like you and understand the importance and value of royal quality customer service. Natalie personally ensures this happens with every customer and will ensure your AirBNB & vacation property rental looks great and runs greater.